A film directed by 25 student’s of Werner Herzog’s masterclass. We’re living in a time in which people are feeling so much, but have so few outlets to express it. In an effort to collect these thoughts and feelings, we’ve set up a series of voicemail boxes around the world, encouraging people to leave messages with anything they might be feeling during the COVID-19 pandemic. These messages are to be brought together in a documentary film entitled Tell Me: a portrait of humanity in isolation.

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The Wise Women’s World Project premiered at Berlinale Film Festival 2020 and serves to collect, preserve and pass on the knowledge and wisdom of mature women. Interviews are conducted with women above 60, reduced to 90-second segments for social media in order to bring women of different generations together and further the process of changing our perceptions of women and age and lead to social change.

SUPAY is the first film with an LGBT-theme ever to be filmed in Cusco, Peru. The film is inspired by the testimonials from LGBT activists of the collective Kachkaniraqmi and deals with the topic of the stigmatization of lesbian women in the region. SUPAY premiered at OUTFEST PERU in 2018 and is currently on festival tour around the world.

Berlin actress Amor Schumacher opts for a bilateral amputation of the breast after she has been diagnosed with the BRCA2 gene mutation. The documentary accompanies her on the way from diagnosis to surgery. It is an emotional portrait that shows what doubts, hopes, and drastic decisions the diagnosis is accompanied by.

EL ALMA AUSENTE (THE ABSENT SOUL) is the story of a teenage boy who works in a butterfly farm, and in accordance with Amazonian legend must feed butterflies to his dead mother´s soul. It was filmed during the Masterclass with Werner Herzog in the Peruvian Amazon region. The story was created closely together with Elias, the protagonist, who actually suffered the absence of his mother in real life.

LA DAMA DE NAZCA (The lady from Nazca) is a theatre play about German mathematician and archeologist Maria Reiche from Dresden, who investigated the Nazca lines, a group of giant geoglyphs in the Peruvian desert on her own for decades and finally achieved them to become UNESCO World Heritage Site. Produced in Berlin with artists from Peru the play emphasizes on empowerment through questioning the established colonial structures in academic environments and a feminist narrative. The German embassy in Peru supported the tour through Peru and Argentina in 2019, the Berlin premiere is scheduled for April 2020 and supported by the embassy of Peru in Germany.

MACHA! The interdisciplinary performance MACHA! uses the Marinera, a traditional dance from northern Peru, which emerged in colonial times from Hispanic, indigenous and African roots, as a starting point to reflect on migration experiences, in order to question binary gender roles and the concept of „masculinity“. MACHA! Is an authentic and exceptional approach to the the reality of intersectional discrimination related to migration.

©MACHA! Performance / Photographer: M. Rebaza


Interdisciplinary workshop for bilingual girls in Berlin funded by Deutsche Telekom Stiftung. The objective is to reinforce the concepts of female leadership and empowerment through technology and art. 


The piece and programming developed by STRAHL are intended for audiences ages 12 and up and provide an access point to theatre for first-timers. Young people are included in the play selection and development. The realities of their lives are explored on stage in a wide variety of aesthetic forms. As an invited teacher I participated in interdisciplinary encounters with refugee and non-refugee teenagers.



Award-winning PlayBack Berlin e.V. did interactive theater for young people of all educational levels. With our ideas, we offered young people a secure platform to talk about current topics related to mobbing and cyber-mobbing that were difficult for them to communicate.


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